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Welcome to the home of Majestic Oaks Boot Hockey.  We are the PREMIER boot hockey facility in the Twin Cities, and we are looking forward to the 11th Annual Majestic Oaks Boot Hockey League. Our indoor ice rink and warming house served as a home to 28 teams last season. Leagues are made up of a max of 8 teams per night and run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6-9PM. Wednesday is A - League and Tuesday and Sunday are B - Leagues. Thursday is a CO-ED League and we are looking forward to a full 8 teams in the CO-ED league this winter! Majestic Oaks Boot Hockey is a fun and affordable activity that will keep you active this winter and get you and your friends out of the house at least one night a week!  For more information check out the website or call Adam Erickson at 763-755-2142 ext. 310 

We are also on Facebook and enjoy making new friends :)  
See you on the ice this winter!!   
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